Friday, January 28, 2011

Marshmallow Valentine Pops!!

Marshmallow Valentine Pops 
These chocolate covered Marshmallow Pops are so much Fun to make and toddler friendly, which is a win/win in my book!

What you will need:

Large Marshmallows
Chocolate (Almond Bark or Nestle Chocolate Chips..Almond Bark dries faster)
Ziploc bags (Sandwich Size)
Wooden Skewers (Or Lollipop sticks)
Egg Carton (I only used the top)


1- Break Wooden Skewers in half (or you can buy lollipop sticks) I just happen to have a ton of wooden skewers that needed to be put to use

2- Cut the tops off of Ziploc bags & then in half

3- Microwave chocolate for 20 second intervals, and stirring in between

4- Poke the wooden skewers into Marshmallows

5- Dip Marshmallows into chocolate, then into sprinkles...
There are no rules on how many you dip at once or how many different chocolates you can use & that's part of the FUN! My 2 year old had a blast:))

6- Push the Marshmallow Pops into the egg carton to dry


7- Once dry, put Marshmallow Pop into one of the ziploc halves & twist around stick and decorate as you wish.
We cut heart shaped tags and attached with ribbon

Have Fun & Enjoy!



  1. oh i love these...great idea!

  2. Now that is a great activity. I bet my 2 year old would love that!

  3. Super sweet idea! I feel a sugar rush coming on! My kids love marshmallows and sprinkles. Thanks for sharing yet another fun idea!