About Me

     I'm Jennifer Smith...The face behind this blog. I am a wife and proud stay at
home Mommy.  I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and
 I'm expecting another baby girl very soon.
    I met my hubby while getting my bachelor's degree from the
University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After we got married, I worked as an
HR administrator until I became pregnant for Princess A.  Then life as we
knew it changed dramatically, but all in a very amazingly wonderful way.
     I have always enjoyed arts and crafts, but having Adriana sparked
my desire to learn & do more. I started selling my creations about a year
after Adriana was born.  If you ever see anything that I make that you would like
to purchase, please feel free to contact me at MyMommyCan@yahoo.com
     As for cooking, I never really would say I enjoyed it; however, I
 ALWAYS loved baking and candy making.  I have childhood memories in the
kitchen baking with my Dad …apple pies, fudge, and anything else that was
 messy  & sweet.
     When it comes to photography, I have had a passion for it ever since
 I was a kid; I can still remember running around with my Polaroid
camera posing my younger brothers and cousins.  I’m currently on a
mission to learn how to take amazing pictures of my two little love muffins.

Thanks for stoping by,