Sunday, July 17, 2011

What do you love?

Do you love the simple things in life?
I sure do!

I also LOVE taking pictures of my 2 sweet girls!

 Eating under the table...This pic is priceless! I busted her at 7am hiding under the table eating a cookie. LOL! So, I did what any Mommy would do...I ran grabbed my camera:)
It's blurry, bc I didn't have time to change the settings on my camera & Once she spotted me,
she was out of there! LOL

 I'm not sure which Gabriella loves more... Sleeping with Hair dryers or Sleeping in a swaddler

Staring into space

Smiles for Mommy...I only captured 1/2 of her, because I was busy talking to her
& not looking threw my camera. LOL It may be only 1/2 of her,
but theres still so much cuteness I can barely stand it:))
Baby feet

Throwing Rocks

                                                        Sister Love:)) Oh! How I LOVE My Girls!

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