Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do you know a Princess/Prince who needs a Crown?

Felt Princess/Prince Crown
I happen to have a Princess who has many crowns, but they are all the hard plastic kind that break easily and just don't stay in place.  So, I made her a soft comfy crown that actually doesn't fall off her head.  If you would like to make one,below are the things you will need:
*1 felt sheet (Any color or texture)
*1 foam sheet
*Ruffled Ribbon Elastic
*Hole puncher
*Crayon or Pen
*Glue (glue gun or school glue..either would work)
*Stuff to embellish the crown  ( I just used things I already had & I cut & sewed felt hearts on b/c Valentines is coming)


1. Draw the design of the crown you would like and carefully cut it out.  I just did a simple design because I'm not a great artist.

2.  Trace the felt crown cut-out onto the foam sheet, and cut it out.  Then glue it to the back of the felt crown & punch holes on each end.

3.  Push elastic through the holes, tie a large knot ,and glue down

4. Glue on the embellishments  & you are done!

How easy was that?!! The best part about it was that my little princess was so EXCITED to wear it:))  Just melts my heart when she gets so excited over little things.



  1. what a great idea! a girl can never have enough crowns. I love the pom poms on the points.


  2. Cute crown! It will go great with her purple princess gown and frog boots! lol